Jobhunting? Think Hospitality!

Hospitality careers are on the rise world-wide.

Professionals & Hobbyists alike learn Fruit & Vegetable Carving skills to enhance culinary careers.

According to a recent article from the American Culinary Federation  publication Sizzle, Hospitality is the fastest growing Industry in the world. It’s really no wonder. World economies are recovering and new wealth is emerging in Asia and the Middle East. Culinary Education Programs are everywhere.  Google ‘culinary arts programs’ and you’ll get nearly 2 million hits! There are a number of very good reasons for this phenomenon and why it’s a good choice for a career path. Read more

Culinary Olympics

Fruit Carving Goes to the Olympics!

Culinary OlympicsOne of the most important events in the world of Culinary Arts is the Culinary Olympics. The event has been hosted every 4 years in Germany for more than a century. The planning committee expects to host upwards of 50,000 visitors with over 2000 top chefs from around the world in attendance. Erfurt, Germany will host Culinary Olympics 24 and for the very first time, WE ARE GOING!

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25 “Can’t Miss” Things to Do in Bangkok

There’s never a dull moment with Mark Wiens. Charming, funny and absolutely in love with Asian Cuisine and Street Food, you can’t go wrong with his advice. He’ll turn you on to all kinds of things to do and see all over Asia, but once you watch a couple of his videos, you know that HE knows it’s REALLY all about the food. Here are the 25 “can’t-miss” things to do in Bangkok.

Fruit & Vegetable Carving Formally Recognized by American Culinary Federation

As of October 2015, Traditional Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving has finally received the formal recognition it deserves in the culinary arts world. The American Culinary Federation (ACF) — largest chef association in the US — with 80 years of leadership in the professional food service industry — approved our curricula and courses for their Continuing Education program. We are honored to be one of their extensive culinary arts educational resources in continuing education.

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Monini and Siam Carving Academy – The Winning Team

The prestigious award recognizes and encourages promising talent in the advertising world. This 2012, First Place Monini ad was created with vegetable carvings made exclusively by Wan Hertz…and it is still running! Once you see it, you will understand why. In the US, it can be seen 5 or more time a day as a sponsor for the PBS cooking show, ‘Lidia’s Italy’ on the CreateTV channel.

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Fruit & Vegetable Carving with Giada in Paradise

Giada De Laurentiis is well known for her own TV productions — Giada at Home, Everyday Italian, Giada’s Weekend Getaways – and busy with appearances on Iron Chef America and co-hosting for the Today Show. She has traveled the world with her ‘Giada in Paradise’ series, so it was no wonder that we were stunned when invited to appear as the representatives of Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving! My job was to demonstrate the finished product and give Ms. De Laurentiis a fruit carving lesson — what an honor to be a part of it.

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Wan Hertz teaching

Fruit & Vegetable Carving Goes to College!

The Thai Art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving has been around for more than 700 years and is instantly recognizable to those who know a bit about it. It is so much a part of the fabric of Thai culinary culture that it is taught in Thai schools, much like woodshop or basic cooking have been historically taught in the West. Yet, it hasn’t been seen much outside of Thailand. That is all about to change dramatically.

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Professionals Learn Fruit & Vegetable Carving from the Master

Brief comments from our dear students, Oleg & Tanya, superb Russian Carving Instructors. Oleg explains why Professional Chefs and talented carvers like them, choose Siam Carving Academy to improve their skills… and their bottom line.

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Heny Sison and Wan Hertz on Heny’s Kitchen

Wan Hertz showcasing her carving skills for Heny Sison on the popular cooking show Heny’s Kitchen. Watch the video below. Read more

Giada De Laurentiis & Wan on the Food Network

Wan Hertz from the Siam Carving Academy teaching fruit and vegetable carving in Thailand with world famous celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network.

This video was aired on the Cooking Channel (now the Food Network) in the United States in April 2013.

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