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Be one of the select few to add the Exquisite Art of Thai Fruit & Vegetable Carving to your next lavish event.

wan-hertzThe possibilities are endless… as entertainment, an exquisite touch for catering and buffet presentation, an elegant plating addition or as a unique and delicate table arrangement, nothing compares to these delicately extravagant creations. As a small creative company and teaching academy, our events calendar is limited to only a select few event planners and the most luxurious events. We will coordinate closely with your talented production staff and set designers to create the most seamless and spectacular events in your portfolio. Learn More »

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10 Reasons to Choose Siam Carving Academy

  1. Award-Winning Master Carver Wan (Laong) Hertz of Siam Carving Academy was selected as a guest artist (2009) by the Thai Embassy to represent the Art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving (Ka Sae Lak). The 5-Star Dusit Thani Hotel in Manila hosted the event where visiting world diplomats were awed by the demonstration and display.
  2. Culinary Instructors, Students and Professional Chefs from all over the world have come to learn from Wan Hertz for more than a decade.
  3. We are proud to be the author of the First and Only Fruit & Vegetable Carving Course Curriculum formally endorsed by both Thai & Malaysian Chef Associations.
  4. Let Us Entertain You and delight guests with live carving demonstrations featuring elegant native costumes for exotic effect.
  5. Floral arrangements with our carvings are an integral part of our service.
  6. Banana Leaf Folding is another beautiful enhancement to floral arrangements, table displays, plating and catering presentations.
  7. Special custom designs and logos can be made to order. Just ask. Our carvers work together as an integrated team. We have specialists in logos, orchids, cameo engraving, animals & mythical creatures.
  8. The most skilled carvers are natives of Thailand. Others may learn, but none have the speed and expertise of Thai carvers who have been practicing the art since childhood. Our English speaking Thai carving team consists of only the most accomplished native carvers with the highest work ethic and carving standards.
  9. Quick and accomplished, our crack team can prepare for large events quickly, with full understanding of the handling required by these delicate and perishable creations as well as other foods – such as eggs, squid, pastas and miniature detailed designer garlic, cheese, chocolate, etc — for that extra WOW factor.
  10. Siam Carving Academy is a small, family-owned organization. As such, we are nimble, flexible, with and able to prepare for large events on short notice.