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Colleagues and Students have some very nice things to say about Master Carver Wan Hertz and Siam Carving Academy.

Wan & Giada De Laurentiis on the Food Network

Dean of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Lyceum University, Philippines

ACF Chef Yolanda Diaz, Orlando

Award-Winning Monini Ad Campaign

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Siam Carving Academy and recommend the school to anyone who wants to learn the Thai art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving.

I was at a food show in Bangkok was immediately wowed by the beauty and intricate Fruit & Vegetable designs from the Master Carvers representing The Siam Carving Academy . In fact I could not believe they weren’t real flowers. They looked so perfect. I felt that I needed to learn this culinary art form to enhance my career as a chef. The teaching I received was fantastic. The fact that she could teach me in one short week how to make beautiful flowers and centerpieces shows what a great teacher she is. This skill has really enhanced my career as a chef. I wish I had time to take more courses.

The classes were fun as well as serious. She teaches in a comfortable air conditioned atmosphere in perfect English. This is something all professional chefs should have in their bag of tricks.

I have been an Executive Chef for 35 years and President of the American Culinary Federation and a member for as many years as I can remember. I have taken many culinary courses, some very good and some not so good, but never had I taken a course that taught me to make something so beautiful so easily. I also have looked into other Fruit and Vegetable carving schools and they were not as professional, nor where they taught in English. My instructor was great and it showed in the number of awards and championships she has earned. The Siam Carving Academy really has a hands-on approach to teaching, which made me feel really comfortable. If I can just convince enough people to take a training course at the Academy, the art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving (Kae Sa Luk) will stay alive and even spread around the world.

Do yourself a career enhancing favor and come to Thailand and take as many courses as you can. I wish I had more time to spend in Bangkok. All you have to bring is a willingness and desire to learn!

I want to say once again, ’Thank You’, and recommend all culinary professionals to come to Thailand and not to miss this opportunity to learn Fruit & Vegetable Carving (Kae Sa Luk). And a great alternative is to schedule a group training in your country or learn from their DVDs. Either way, you should really check them out. Its so worth it!

Richard ArnoldPast President of the American Culinary Federation

Dusit Thani Demo
The Siam Carving Academy was invaluable in bringing the Thai culture to our guests at The Dusit Thani Hotel in Manila, the only Thai hotel in the Philippines. As an expert fruit and vegetable carver, Wan brought this traditional Thai artistry to life in an exhibit and actual carving demonstration during our Songkran Food and Arts Festival held at the Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant…She also displayed her exceptional carving skill and talent in events organized by the Royal Thai Embassy in our hotel, to honor the Queen of Thailand’s birthday and the Royal Thai Armed Forces Day.

I have no hesitation in recommending Wan’s excellent work and the Siam Carving Academy to any other establishment or organization that requires a presentation of authentic Thai art and culture.

Pateek KumarGeneral Manager, Dusit Thani Hotel

I have been doing some basic vegetable carving for some years and been a chef for 24 years. I have also won many cooking awards like Chef of the Year in 1998 at Food and Hotel Asia.

Sometime later I decided to improve my skill in vegetable carving, so flew myself to Siam Carving Academy in Thailand were I met Larry and Wan. I had the most wonderful time in the one week carving lesson with Wan. She is a gifted artist and a patient teacher. The lesson were both challenging and fun as I gained a lot of new skill, techniques and style on carving vegetable. After going back to Australia, I did lots of vegetable carving on my buffer and food display. Guest were greatly please and spellbound to be honoured with such a gracious welcome of wonderful vegetable carving,as it does the good feeling and amazement from the guest.

I will definitely be recommending anyone who like to learn vegetable carving lessons from Wan and Larry at the Siam Carving Academy in Thailand.

Ambrose Poh Kheng BoonSingapore

It’s a pity that Master Carver, Wan Hertz from the Siam Carving Academy, taught in my school only for a few months. Her popularity steadily grew. The students were in awe of her unique and remarkably elegant food carving style. I, too, picked-up some of her styles. In fact, I’ve invited Wan to appear on my television show, Heny’s Cooking Show. Wan, who is a very competent and professional instructor, will always welcome beto teach in my school.

Heny SisonHeny Sison Culinary School – Quezon City, Philippines
Fruit & Vegetable Carving Classes at Siam Carving Academy.

Fruit & Vegetable Carving Classes at Siam Carving Academy.

A few years ago I became interested in fruit and vegetable carving through my employer in Italy, who — by trade, is an ice cream maker — and carves fruits and vegetables as a hobby. Since I am a vegetarian and a lover of the arts, Fruit & Vegetable Carving fit right into my lifestyle. Being vegetarian, and after watching my employer make beautiful sculptures, I decided fruit and vegetable carving was definitely for me, and began a search for a school in Thailand. I wanted to learn where fruit and vegetable carving has its roots,  from a Thai master carver.

Luckily for me, I found the Siam Carving Academy in Bangkok and enrolled in their Basic Course. Wan was very polite and calm with a lot of patience and taught in a very professional manner. She taught me all the techniques and tricks needed for the basics of fruit and vegetable carving. I found the fruit and vegetable carving classes very interesting and I highly recommend the Siam Carving Academy to anyone wishing to learn the culinary art of fruit & vegetable carving.

Matteo MorbidelliVegetarian Food Artist, PU – ITALY
Thai Carving for Monini Ad Campaign

Lorenzo Marini
President/Creative Director – Lorenzo Marini Group
2012 Award Winning Monini Olive Oil Ad Campaign

It was a pleasure collaborating with the Siam Carving Academy last week. It is refreshing to see as what is sometimes perceived as a forgotten art to still be alive and thriving.

I was awestruck as I witnessed the creation of each masterpiece. Each carving brought a fresh breath of life to the commercial we filmed for Monini Olive Oil. The artists were brilliant, professional, meticulous, and a perfectionist. His craftsmanship combined with the artistic eye of one of Europe’s finest food photographers, Yann Maikà, were essential in the production of this timeless television commercial that twenty years down the road will be as modern as it is today.

I am highly anticipating a future collaboration. I highly recommend Siam Carving Academy for any social event or exhibition.

Lorenzo MariniCreative Director and President of Lorenzo Marini Group
Aliona Stejar

I trained with Wan for a month and learned so much about fruit & vegetable carving, all thanks to Wan. She was able to cut through the complexities of training and make it simple for me to understand. She gave me great confidence and a new found love for carving.

Wan is a very kind and open woman. She shares her energy, charged by a love of carving.I am very grateful that God has given me the opportunity to touch the art of carving and sent me to do Wan, she is the best … I wish you Wan health, strength and longevity. Surely I have a lot of mistakes, but these words are true.

Aliona StejarMontreal, Canada

The Siam Carving Academy continues to support Thai culture and artistry with their deft and delectable fruit and vegetable carving maintaining techniques handed down over many generations. On a recent visit they displayed these age old skills to our guests of Dusit ThaniBangkok, the flagship hotel in the Dusit Group which has since the early 1970’s been a leading hotel within Thailand and Asia.

As an expert in her field, Khun Wan brought this traditional Thai artistry to life and through her demonstrations held within our hotel both amazed our residents and visitors during their stay with us. Her tuition and advice to our inhouse craftsmen was invaluable and we continue to receive many positive comments from our international travelers for whom this was the first time they had experienced this kind of craftsmanship.

We certainly look forward to welcoming back The Siam Carving Academy and I would fully endorse and recommend their works to any other establishment or organization that requires a demonstration or teaching of this authentic Thai art and culture.

Alex WillatsGeneral Manager, Dusit Thani Bangkok

While I was visiting Thailand last year, I took some time off from sightseeing to take a few classes in fruit and vegetable carving with Wan, (one of the instructors of Siam Carving Academy). I first became interested in this craft while living in Japan and the ability to create these beautiful images from fruit and vegetables was amazing. Although, I did have some prior experience, in carving, these classes I did with Wan were very helpful and I learned quite a number of new tips and shortcuts to this traditional art form.

Wan came to my hotel and we had private lessons together. I found her to be a very thoughtful, helpful teacher and my overall experience with the classes was pleasant. The advantage of having a private lesson allowed me to focus on the skill. If I’m ever in Thailand again, I would definitely do this again.

AleenaFormer Student, New York City